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2 years ago

Surpassing 500mb limit for tables


I am working on a project for my company, we are pushing NOTE_TXT data into a QB table to be read by our customers as part of a larger application. We're still developing right now. I am not the QB developer here, I am responsible for the data.

It was discovered that we are going to surpass the 500mb limit on the table very quickly.

The data we want to send in is already as lean as we can make it, the only thing I can think of to make it leaner is to either remove records, or truncating NOTE_TXT fields.


1. Can the 500mb limit be increased? Is that limit an arbitrary cap set by whatever plan my company purchased from Quickbase...or is it a physical limitation of the storage mechanism used by Quickbase?

2. Can multiple physical tables be joined together into a single virtual table? 

3. Can multiple tables containing the same type of data be addressed by Quickbase?  Say, I create tables NOTE_1, NOTE_2...NOTE_n, and have something like an intermediate NOTE_LOOKUP table to assist with managing the NOTE records?



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  • I would consider the table limit a hard limit.  It's a limit they assign for performance reasons and not according to your plan.  Formula fields, summary fields and lookup fields do not count against that limit.  

    One idea that I have is that if you have one particular field which is very large and somehow you could have that in another table all by itself and join the two tables in a relationship then look up field(s) down into your space challenge.

    I guess you can use look up Fields to bring fields down from pair and tables but you need to have some Key field in your records so that they know how to be related.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)