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12 months ago

syntax for recording completion date

Hi I am trying to set up a scenario. 
i have two fields 1> build complete = checkbox 2> actual build completion date = formula date.
The expectation is when the operator checks the build complete, the date is recorded in the actual build completion date (field)

I tried a few syntax's but i am unable to get the formula correct. Any suggestions?

kartik lakshmanan

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  • If I've understood correctly, you're looking to set 'Actual Build Completion Date' to the current date when checkbox 'Build Complete' is checked. If you use a formula field - something like If([build complete]=true, Today()) - the field will contain the current date, not the date when the checkbox was checked. You could use a form rule or a pipeline to set the date - I'd suggest using a pipeline as it can be triggered from any record update (from a form update and a grid edit update).

    Jeremy Anson