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3 years ago

Table header information

When selecting a child link from a parent table you are taken to either a form or report displaying the associated records.  What I am seeking is a way to format what is shown across the top of the report/form/table.

I know how to set what is shown across the tops for each specific table, but these values don't seem to apply when accessing the table via a child link.

Example: at the table level the header will read:

Agreements > Entity Name

But via the child link it reads:

Agreements > Record ID# (for the Entity)

The table's Record Title is set to return the Entity Name, but it is still showing the ID#.

Any helping in correcting this would be appreciated.


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      Parent Table...


      When you click on one of the links you are taken to the report/form for the related child records.


      The header of the report/form displays the Record ID# of the parent (the field that connects the two tables) instead of the proxy field I have set or the value set in as the Record Title.  When a user access content via this link, displaying (in this case the #4) the record id doesn't mean anything to them, it should display the Entity Name.



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        OK. Now I understand what you are talking about but I do not think that there is a way to change that behavior.

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