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5 months ago

Table Heading Clickable

When viewing a record, you can return to the table home page by clicking the bold heading up top IF your table is visible in the ribbon. Otherwise, it is not a clickable link.See below. The Services Orders Name is clickable, because I show the table in the ribbon.

If I hide the table, then that is not a clickable link. I thought that if I made the default table report an actual report (such as List All), it would become clickable, again. That was not the case. Is there any way to still make that a clickable link, even if the table is hidden? It would need to link to a report. Just curious if there is a setting for that, or just default behavior if the table is visible?

Mike Tamoush

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  • It's the default behavior having to do with the ribbon display. It will always take you to the table home page so a byproduct that it won't allow you to get back there if the table home page isn't accessible. 

    Chayce Duncan