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3 years ago

The Journey of a New Quickbase Builder: App Planning

My first Quickbase app was a disaster.

I was so excited after taking the Quickbase orientation course through Quickbase University that I went into my app and immediately started building out my use case. I completely forgot the most important part of app building. App Planning. It didn’t matter that I knew how to create relationships or create tables, without a solid blueprint this app was doomed to fail. There is a reason that App Planning is the first course recommended after orientation which leads me to my first “AHA” moment:

  • App planning is the most important part of app building! This is where you will define what will make an app successful. Without the detailed WHY, app building can be a frustrating and wasted experience.

For my second app, I focused on my app planning. The Quickbase University App Planning courses suggests that it will take 74min to complete. To be safe I gave myself 2 hours. In trying to put myself in the shoes of a new Quickbase builder, I committed 20-30 min a day for one week.

  I wanted to map out all my data points I needed to track and all the different reports I required. I needed a tool to help me do this. I am a visual learner; I learn through live creation. One of the best parts of app planning is QuickBase offers visual integration through Lucidchart. I can’t tell you how helpful this tool has been to me in seeing my process/planning come to life, and the great thing about Lucidchart is that it fully integrates with Quickbase, allowing you to easily transfer your data model.

If you are visual learner like me, I highly recommend this tool when creating/planning, and below you will see a quick video on Lucidchart.

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