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3 years ago

The Journey of a New Quickbase Builder: Introduction

What’s up Quickbase Community?! My name’s Francisco Anzoategui (I go by “Kiko”) and I’m a new Customer Adoption Manager here at Quickbase. I’ll be writing a blog series for you called “The Journey of a New Quickbase Builder”, where I can share with you all the lessons learned and “a-ha” moments a new Quickbase citizen developer might experience.  

Furthermore, I will be mirroring my learning path to those new builders with full schedules. In other words, I will restrict myself to only spending 1-2 hours a week learning from our resources as typically that is the max time new builders are able to allocate per week learning our platform. I will be busting through a lot of self-help resources like Quickbase University, Empower Content, our Exchange apps, and very excited to share my experiences.

For new builders to the Quickbase community, I’d love to be a sounding board for feedback, ideas, and challenges you’re running into so I can help you get through them. I’ll be putting together some written and video content for the entire community to have access to, and I’ll be sharing it right here!

A little about me…I’m a military brat, I grew up in Italy, but I live in Boston now. I’m a sports NUT. I love both Footballs, American and what the rest of the world refers to as Futbol. I just got married in Aruba, a few days after being offered this job, so it’s been a wild and crazy few months for me, but it’s been fun!  I’ve been working in Customer Success for the past five years, but this is my first jump into the no-code/low-code landscape. I’m fired up to learn Quickbase and share with you along the way. 

Lastly, for those of you in Education or the Non-Profit space, I’ll be the Admin overseeing the Education/Non-Profit Customer Network. If interested, please fill out a form . Come join us! This will be a great way for you to connect with others in your field.  

Looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can!  


Kiko Anzoategui 

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