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2 years ago

Time Input forumula

For some reason, my users are NOT fans of inputting time values on the mobile app (brings up the pop up with the dailer style window).

Is there some way that I have have them input say 2 fields (number or text whichever works) as follows...

Am / Pm

24 Hour time: (this is where I will need help with a formula to calculate the correct time from the two above fields).

Any help appreciated.


damien page

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  • I totally agree.  Time entry into a free form field is wonderful as the input require is minimal.  Like 
    10 means 10 am
    2p mean 2 pm.  It's quite intuitive.

    Obviously you know what a date field is.

    Then also make a Time of Day field 

    Then make a field to combine then as a formula date time field type.

    ToTimeStamp([my date field], [My Time of day field])

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Qrew Cadet
      Thx Mark...

      I don't need the date field just the time, and some users have difficulties converting say 2pm to 14:00....

      hence why I assumed having a field for the time (like say text or numeric) and for example it might be 2:25 pm then they would put 0225 in the 1st field , then PM in a second field (drop down box) then have a 3rd field convert it to 24hr time field..


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        OK sorry, I didn't read your question closely enough and missed the aspect of mobile app input.  

        I have not tested but I suggest that you put in a numeric field and a multiple choice field text field and then convert to a time like this.  

        ToTimeOfDay(totext([my numeric field]) & [my AM PM field])

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)