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3 years ago

Total Lin ein Number Counts in a Pie Chart


I have created a formula that reads my multiple choice fields and converts them to numbers (there are 2 multi choices and this show how much of each were selected). Now I'd like to make ap ie chart that shows those totals.  Here is what I mean. I want a pie chart for the highlighted information. 

Meagan McOlin

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  • Use a formula numeric field with variables for each of the fields you have a value in.

    var number one=If([Field One] <>"",1,0);
    var number two=If([Field Two] <>"",1,0);
    var number three=If([Field Three] <>"",1,0);

    var number total=Sum($one, $two, $three);


    Because this $total formula-value will be a per record-count; you will then need either to simply display a Table-Report with this column value totaling at the bottom; use a Summary Report and show this formula field to display the Total Count or you could try a gauge chart to count a single value. 

    To get a summary report to show one single row, you will need to use a field in your table that houses the same-value across all records; which you will probably need to build so it is the same across all records in your table. Do this with a simple formula-text field and put in a single text value that would make sense as a "Group By" value.  Then your Summarize-value will be your numeric formula output.

    A Pie may be achievable; but I would have to play with this to figure it out or not.

    Laura Thacker IDS