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2 years ago

Triggering Emails Based on Field Status


I am trying to automate an email either by email notifications or a Pipeline based on updating a related field.

I have 3 tables:
1. All Flights
          - Enter any new flight in the schedule
          - I have a field called "flight verification" that is a multiple choice field allowing to show the flight as "pending" or "final.")
          - I have another multiple choice field for "Flight Status" with options "Active" or "Flown"
2. Current Flights
           - Connected to "All Flights" and pulls only "Active" flights
3. Request Log
    - Where passenger requesting a seat are entered
           - I have a related field from "Current Flights" so there is a drop down menu that only allows you to select "Active" flights
- There is also a related field for the "Flight Verification"

I would like to trigger an email that sends the list of passengers entered in the "Request Log" when "Flight Verification" status is changed to "Final."  Since this is a related field, this field changes when the "All Flights" table is updated and the subsequent tables are refreshed.   Is this possible?

I don't think the email notification will work since the field in the "Request Log" table isn't being updated and saved.  Is it possible to utilize pipelines?  If so, how do I do this to include a table of passenger information from the request log?

Thank you!

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  • I want to be clear what you were asking. Are you really asking this?

    I would like to trigger an email that sends TO the list of passengers 

    In other words are you trying to send say 50 emails to each of the 50 passengers on the flight when the flight status changes to Final?

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)

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      Hi Mark,

      No, let me clarify.  The "Request Log" table will have many passengers listed on it, for different flights.  When the "Flight Verification" status is updated to "Final", I'd like an email to send to a distro list (probably ~5 email addresses) stating that these are the passengers on that specific verified "final" flight.  The email would go to let's say ground security so they know who is on the flight and they can let them onto the plane.



      • Ok.  I suggest that you lookup the value of Related All Flights from Active Flights down to Request Log. Call it [Record ID of All Flights]. 

        Then make a Report Link field in All Flights and match up its Key field, probably Record ID# on the left with the [Record ID of All Flights] field in the right.

        Set the form to show the embedded report details and include a copy of the of the form  in the email notification. 

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)