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21 days ago

Trying to find a way to pull related Records onto Form


I am trying to find a way to pull related Records (from the same Table) onto a Form by way of a Parent relationship. I'm not totally sure if this is achievable. Separately, I would also love to be able to click/view a parent from the Child record report (which I'm trying to do for two purposes, but this may achieve the first above).

The situation:

  • My parent table "Cases" may have many child "Calls". When a first Call is entered, that's fine. When subsequent Call Records are entered, I'd like to have end users be able to view a report of all Call Records for that Case, ideally embedded in a page of the Form.
  • Alternatively, if they can at least click/view the Case, where I have all this info displaying on a report, that works too.
  • Secondarily, I'd like users to be able to access the parent record for Hospital Logistics. That's a parent table also, and ideally, it pulls a report of those logistics, but alternatively, I just have a way for them to click/open the Parent table in a pop up somehow.



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