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2 years ago

Trying to find trends in patient encounters

I'm trying to find trends in patient encounters by providers. For example if a service provider is seeing 15 people a day on average, but then his average has dropped to perhaps 10 a day, that is a significant piece of data. Since a provider may be sick or have the day off, an occasional lower number isn't significant.

I have been following Adrian Lloyd along with Thomas Leverone's moving average piece Quickbase Analytics: Using Moving Averages to Identify Trends.

Here is a sample of what we have generated for Encounters. The sites relate to the providers so I can drill-down to providers with a daily or weekly average.

It seems to be a bit complex task, but I'm thinking that Adrian ( YouTube ) and Thomas's articles are the way to go.

Any suggestions welcome. I intend to delve into more the rest of the week. I am working with copy data, though it is current data, that has been imported by BOX and/or Pipelines.
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Quickbase Analytics: Using Moving Averages to Identify Trends
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