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7 years ago

Updating quotes being pulled from a snapshot field

I have a material price table and a quote table that takes a snapshot of the price when each items is quoted. My issue now is that I have multiple quotes note ordered yet and need to update the prices in the quote. Is there a way to create a formula button in each quote that will take a new snapshot of the new pricing and auto update the single quote

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  • Joey,
    I believe that if you de-link the lookup and then re-link it, then the snapshots will refresh.  Can you contact me directly via the info in my website and I will do that code for you at no charge and then post it back here after.
  • Is there a way to force the snapshot after a record is created. My issue at this point is I have added a second snapshot field and need to use that for new values. It is blank at this point so I need to force a snapshot on old records
  • not tested but the code would be like this

    var text Delink = urlroot() & "db/" & dbid() & "?act=API_EditRecord&rid=" & [Record ID#]
    & "&_fid_99=";

    var text Relink = urlroot() & "db/" & dbid() & "?act=API_EditRecord&rid=" & [Record ID#]
    & "&_fid_99=" & [Related Parent];
    var text DisplayRecord - urlroot() & "db/" & dbid() & "?a=-dr&rid=" & [Record ID#];

    & "&rdr=" & URLEncode($Relink)
    & URLEncode("&rdr=" & URLEncode($DisplayRecord))