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3 years ago

Updating Records Current and New

Hello, I am wondering if the following process is possible.  
I am creating a database to manage department personnel.  Every month a subscription email will be sent to dept managers with a report of their current department personnel list.  One employee per record.  Included in this email I would like the URL to add personnel or edit existing personnel.  For instance, if manager clicks URL to add/edit personnel the form displays with the following fields.  Name, department, title, Disposition, etc.  The Name field would be a dropdown displaying the current values in the table showing employee name, department, and title.  This dropdown should list this information in the event a title becomes "Vacant".  You could have multiple "Vacant" positions with different departments so it should show this information.

The manager would select the Name, department, title from the dropdown list and add the new employee's name in a "name" field or select "Make Vacant" from another field.  There could be a checkbox's to tell to add a new title or remove a title.

Is it possible to update records like this?  Also, the managers are not full licensed QB users.  They will utilize the "Everyone on the Internet" role.

Brian Dunk
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