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3 years ago

Use Copy Master Detail Record and Data Validation


I'm using the Copy Master Details button. I'm stuck on how to get this functionality:

1. User clicks button
2. User goes to new record
3. If the user tries to save the new record without changing the text field that is used in the Copy button, a data validation rule would prevent them from saving.

I can't do this because I can't have a unique field and have the copy master detail button work. I thought there was a work around with the custom table rules but can't figure it out.

How can I use Copy Master Detail wizard and prevent the user from saving the new record with the same name as the copied record?

Thanks community.

Raymond Sakar

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  • I suggest making a formula checkbox field which will be true if the name of the project (your record) starts with "Copy of"

    Then have a form rule which will abort the save if that checkbox is true.

    Mark Shnier
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