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4 months ago

User fills in either of two fields, can QuickBase calculate the other?

We sell services to clients for an hourly rate.  The workers who perform the services then get paid either a percentage of that rate, or a flat amount [yes, I know the flat rate is also a percentage of the total, but Accounting wants to be able to enter it as a flat rate because of other factors].

So if I have two fields - Percentage to Pay and Amount to Pay, what they want is to be able to enter either one, and have QuickBase calculate the other.

For example, the hourly rate is $110.  They want to enter 65% in the Percentage to Pay field, and have the amount calculate as $71.50.

If, on the other hand, the pay to the worker is defined as $71.50 an hour, then they want to enter $71.50 in the Amount to Pay field, and have the percentage calculate as 65%.

Is there a way to allow this?

Charlotte Morin

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  • If you want both values populated - you first need to actually calculate what they should be based on the other entry. So you would make % and Amount calculate fields with If statements that determine what the value(s) should be. For example on the % side that says if the % is the field that is entered, then your calculated field would just copy that value same value. If the manual amount field is entered instead then you would do the amount / rate to return the % based on the entered amount. 

    With those calculated fields you can then copy them into the input fields using a form rule or pipeline. 

    Chayce Duncan