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9 months ago

Using another report as a filter in a new report

My approach to what I need to do may be flawed as I'm new to Quickbase but I'm trying to figure out how to use the results of one report as the filter criteria for a separate report.  For example, in report 1 I'm pulling a list of case #'s based on certain filter criteria.  Report 1 comes back with the case #'s I need including ID Numbers associated with each case. What I'd like to do now is pull another report (Report 2) which is filtered to the ID Numbers that were brought back in the first report.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jeremy Shearouse

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  • If I understand correctly, it sounds like you need a drill down report.  The first report will need to be a graph or summary report, and then you can make either another graph/summary or a table report to be a drill down.

    I've made graphed based reports that drilled down 3 times, "Graph > DD Graph > DD Graph > DD Table Report"

    You set each Drilldown report to use the next one you create as its' drilldown.

    John Ross