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8 months ago

Using GetFieldValues() to create a link


I'm attempting to create a field within my records that shows POTENTIAL duplicates. Some of our records are older and we don't necessarily want to completely merge records, so in order to help combat this, I want a list of the record IDs that share the same Phone Number. We can accomplish this via this formula:

We then want to take the record IDs that generates and create a link to each record ID, and this part has me a bit stumped. Has anyone had any experience with something similar?

Marc Ferro

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  • There a couple options, I would try the following: 

    var text urlRoot = URLRoot() & "db/" & target dbid & "?a=dr&rid=";

    If( Part(query response, 1, ";") != "", <a href='" & $urlRoot & Trim(Part(query,1,";")) & "'>" & Trim(Part(query,1,";")) & "</a>

    If( Part(query response, 2, ";") != "", <a href='" & $urlRoot & Trim(Part(query,2,";")) & "'>" & Trim(Part(query,2,";")) & "</a>

    If( Part(query response, 3, ";") != "", <a href='" & $urlRoot & Trim(Part(query,3,";")) & "'>" & Trim(Part(query,3,";")) & "</a>

    If( Part(query response, 4, ";") != "", <a href='" & $urlRoot & Trim(Part(query,4,";")) & "'>" & Trim(Part(query,4,";")) & "</a>

    It's not perfect but the part allows you to index each response and then make a hyperlink to each one if its there.

    Chayce Duncan
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      You could also create a link field in table you're querying and then return that value in the getFieldValues. This would mean making a formula-text field in the phone numbers table and formatting it how you want, and then returning that field instead of '3' like you're currently doing. 

      Chayce Duncan