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3 months ago

Using Global variables in Dynamic form rules and Pipelines.

Hi guys. 

I have created a Global variable (say, "Date" with value = 01/10/2023).

I'm using this global variable in various formula fields. 

But Can I use this Global variable in any Pipeline & Dynamic form rules (old form)?

Note: I know we can create a local Date field with Date field=ToDate([Date]) on table, but I don't want to create a new field. :) 

Vivek Vishwanath

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  • I believe you can use it everywhere but keep in mind this is just a text string. It's not a date, so in practical terms, to use it you need a formula to convert it to a date.

    In a Pipeline you would need to use Jinja so that sounds complicated, more complicated than simply adding a formula to the table. 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)

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      Your second point is still needed - the variable is not a field in that table so you cannot access the variable directly as if it's an actual field so despite not wanting to, you will have to create a new local field in your table that creates the value and then that field can be used in rules. 

      Chayce Duncan