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Using Groups

I am graduating to more Cross app integration but adding users to several apps (and remembering to add them to all applicable apps) feels like a daunting task.  I am reading about groups and it seems that I can have users in a group and then I can assign groups to apps.  I am still having trouble wrapping my head around how the security will work.  So I have a group that does outdoor recreation activities and they have an app to manage their equipment and with in that app they have a role that limits what they can see and the role is based on the club they work at.  Now we are building out a procurement app and I don't want to have to rebuild those same roles in the procurement app but I want to limit it so that they can only track orders for their club.  If I add the group to the procurement app will it use the role from their equipment app?  

Julie Meeker

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  • Julie,

    It definitely sounds like groups are the way to go for you because you have multiple apps. The nice thing about groups as when you onboard a new employee you simply add them to the group and that they will get their permissions based on whatever role their group is assigned to in the various apps.  

    In each different app even if the Role names are the same such as "Participant" that doesn't mean anything at all.    All that is going to happen is instead of adding individual users to an app you will end up in adding the group(s)  to the app in the correct Role for those "alike" group members and you will delete all those individual users from individual app access, where they belong to the right group.  Then the remaining individual users are typically special people such as admin's or people with very high-level access that you add individually.  Note that users can gain access to an app in multiple roles and they will get the most permissions possible based on their role.

    You do have to be careful that they land on the correct dashboard though,  if you have multiple dashboards for various roles. That will be determined by their direct access role or through the role of the group, according to which Role is highest up on the list of Roles (The Roles can be dragged up and down)   

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)