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2 years ago

Using Jinja to access Pipeline attributes

I would like to access information about my pipeline inside the pipeline's steps. For example, I want a Pipeline to populate a field using the Pipeline ID so that I can trace a result back to source more easily. 

What is the syntax for accessing a Pipeline's attributes? I've tried the following to no avail:

John Erdmann

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    There is no way I know of to do this, but this would be nice information to have. I have an app of all my apps and I record pipeline information manually. Connection central is a good step in the right direction to have visibility, but it gives you very basic information. In my version of the App Library you can click on a field and see what pipelines a field is in and what step it is. Soon I will also be working on adding the things that Quickbase can't see a field is in, such as sync or 3rd party tools.

    Dwight Munson
  • I'm sure there is a better way 
    but currently
    You can do a custom coding of your pipelines by starting pipelines with a custom number 

    (01) - Pipeline for XYZ
    Similar you can have the step custom named, so step 2 of (01) pipeline could be {{'01.02'}} 
    It's painful , but it can work

    Prashant Maheshwari