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8 months ago

Using pipeline to delete blank records in child table

Hi There,

I am simply wondering what steps are needed in a pipeline to clear empty records from a child table.

Thanks in advance!

Colin Fox

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  • The most efficient way is to use the 'Remove Record(s)' action in the QB channel: 

    You will need to actually write out the query based on what defines a child record as 'empty' though - so lets say its all records where they don't have a Project Name for example where Project Name is field ID 7 - then your query would be: 


    //all records where field 7 is blank. 

    Be careful though, it might be worth copying the app and building the pipeline there as this purge can't be undone if you set the query wrong. You can also test to see what records that might get by copying your query like so: table dbid?a=q&query=insert query here

    This lets you see the records it might actually delete before you test the pipeline. 

    Chayce Duncan