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2 years ago

Using Previous Data for New Entry

I am in the process of developing a form for my team and I am running into an issue. The form has several fields per entry dependent on the previous entry to keep an aggregate count as the entries come in (needs to pull in the previous value to calculate the difference over a set time). It is a process that is very simple in Excel, but I am new to QB and could use some guidance.

The value pulled in needs to be from the same location as the new entry and should pull the most recent value from that location's records. How can I pull in the previous record's value, but only from the most recent entry at the same location?

Let me know if any clarification is needed or how this can be achieved.

Ethan Kaste

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  • There is a way to do this but it would take an hour or two have set up work to get this done and the scope of the answer is beyond what can be answered on this forum.
    I did something similar for a client where users are entering location updates for packages. Typically they are updating a series of packages that are going into certainly the same warehouse but at all probability the same Bay location within that warehouse. What the client wanted of course was that the warehouse and the  Bay location would auto populate, ie, stay sticky according to the last entry. 

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