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3 years ago

Vote, Like, Chat in Quickbase?

Does anyone use Quickbase for votes, likes, or chat functions?

I am working on revamping our continuous improvement app and these are functions I would like to add without using an external service. I assume that it is not very straight forward nor user friendly to use Quickbase for these functions since UserVoice and Quickbase Heroes use other services for these functions and also Slack for chat.

Regardless, I am hoping to use native Quickbase for these functions and appreciate your feedback.

Adam Keever

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  • Hi Adam,

    A trick I have used in the past to count things like Likes and Votes on a record is to make use of a hidden child table to make a record every time someone likes or votes for a record and a Vote or Like button in the record. Then you summarize up the number of likes/votes and be able to report on it. From there depending on how fancy you want to get you can also set up that field to display an unlike or remove vote button and use Pipelines to help you remove that users record so long as you build the right query. With a little styling the experience can be pretty seamless for an end user depending on how big you anticipate the scale to be.

    I have seen notes captured similarly on a child table to allow for users to share updates back and forth but it isn't the immediate communication of Slack. Though we have used the Slack Pipelines integration internally to post messages to some of our Slack rooms when certain actions happen in Quickbase or certain records are saved/created. 

    As always I would also suggest if there is a way you envision this might work/look in QB to share that on our User Voice so we can collect your feedback.

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager