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3 years ago

Way to bulk upload files and attach to specific records?

Is there any native way (I'm thinking using Pipelines?) to bulk upload files and attach to records. Not sure how this would work, as I need to somehow associate each file to a record ID...

One thought I had, perhaps there is a way to bulk upload files and have them each be created in a new record? if I could do that, I also have some ideas of how I could make things work.

Mike Tamoush

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  • Are you open to uploading to a cloud storage provider to initiate the process?

    1. Create folder with a name you can use to link to a specific record. Could be [Record ID] or something more user friendly like a job name?
    2. Trigger pipeline on new file
    3. Search through each file, attach to QB and relate using the folder name​

    Matt Hardy