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Qrew Cadet
12 months ago

Webhook Request then parse multi record JSON response to CSV or Add Records

Any come up against this yet?  I am using the Webhook Request (due to auth reasons) but I need to parse the JSON response.  Everything I read/tried says you can't use the JSON handler channel to parse the response.  Does anyone have any jinja and especially a general methodology for doing so if even possible at this time.

TIA Greg



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  • Are you able to use the Incoming Request Channel to define an endpoint which may be used to listen and parse JSON?

    For example, create that listens for JSON. Then, I'd suggest storing the raw JSON as a record (into Text - Multi-line field) in a "Responses" table for debugging and tracking down any discrepancies. In other words, track the response history.

    Then, in a subsequent Pipeline step, you can pull values from the received JSON via Jinja, for example {{ }}. But I don't have an example of how you'd loop through your JSON's nested objects to create multiple records … so, perhaps someone else can chime in with a snippet!

    Brian Seymour