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3 years ago

What causes Conditional Dropdowns not to work in editable report links?

I've used conditional dropdowns in editable report links before, but am having trouble now. I have a formula field that is what my condition relies on. If I add a child in the typical way, the formula field is populated (it's just the record ID of the grandparent), and the conditional dropdown works as expected.

If I have the child table in an editable report link, and then try to use the conditional dropdown, the lookup field (used for the condition - the grandparent record id), is not populated, and therefore I can not select from my dropdown. What could cause this?

Update: Found this in the community. This is my problem.

"if the conditional drop-down is dependent on a value from the parent (most likely scenario), it cannot be used in an 'editable' report to add new child records.

Reason being is the child record doesn't exist thus it doesn't have the lookup value that is controlling the conditional behavior. "

Mike Tamoush
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