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Qrew Captain
3 years ago

What do I need to look out for when changing my account email, as a realm admin?

What items may break if I change my email?

I believe I will need to make new connections.

Will I still be the owner of automations? Will the automations still run - or will it think the old email is the user and not have the correct permissions?

Anything else I need to be thinking about?


Michael Tamoush

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  • I have seen Notifications not transfer when I remove someone's access. So, I would recommend against this change on your own. If it needs to happen, then I would recommend involving QuickBase CARE and your account team to make sure that it is done in the best way.

    Good Luck!

    John Crosland
  • Hi Michael,

    In regards to processes like Automations/Pipelines/APIs (when you don't use password and email to authenticate in them) and the vast majority of the built in functionality of Quickbase if you change your email address by using your preferences in your current user those will continue to function since they work off User Tokens that aren't impacted by email address changes. You just want to make sure you are doing that in your existing user profile and not accidentally created an entirely new user with that new email address since that would cause a lot of things not to work for that new user since it didn't have your original user account. Sync breaks in some instances specifically because when someone created the sync there is an option to use password and email address to authenticate or User Token but many people find password and email easier right off the bat since they tend to know them or have them saved in their password logger. That is why Sync can fail to refresh after an email change and it is something that is worth going back and auditing once you do update your email address. What is handy is that a list your connections are also stored in your preferences under your user, so it is possible to go down the list and see what connections need that refresh. I hope that information is helpful.

    Evan Martinez