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11 months ago

Workaround options for mobile users to view a file list?

Quickbase Customer Support has just confirmed that there is a bug where mobile users cannot view files from a rich text link, when that link is on a table report.

Previously, if you had a table of say, safety documents, you could make a Rich Text link to the file, and put that on a table report. A mobile user could scroll through that report, and click on the file they needed. This functionality is now bugged, and in 3.5 years I have never seen QB fix a mobile bug, so I suspect this will be the same.

Question is - can anyone think of a work around? You cannot put the actual file link in the table, as that does not appear on mobile. My only thoughts are to try different types of coding for the Rich Text link? Interestingly, if you click on the rich text link in a form, it works just fine. Something happens when clicked from the table. Maybe someone else is able to understand what is happening, and come up with a work around.

Hopefully someone knows a way, as it is unfortunate that a user would need to open every single record to get the file they want, instead of a simple list of pdfs.

Mike Tamoush
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