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3 months ago

Schedule a meeting with Josh Miller to check out his Governance Starter Pack Apps!

Hi Realm Admin folks!

Josh Miller, our residence Governance Expert at Quickbase, is looking for volunteers, who is interested in checking out his starter pack Governance Apps that will be launched in the Exchange soon. Some folks asked what these apps are all about.  Here's a description: 

Governance Starter Pack  is three apps:
  • Admin Console Sync Hub - a repository for your Admin Console Sync Tables
  • Realm Insights - where you manage information and make decisions for different aspects of the Realm
  • Realm Logger - where you log changes, additions, and deletions regarding attributes in the Realm (think deleted apps, permission changes for users, etc.)
These help you govern your realm at a very foundational level (first version will come with Users, Apps, and User Access tables) and gives you a base to expand upon as you scale your governance.
*This could take an end user around an hour to three hours to set up.  He is working to drastically reduce the development time and that is where he needs your help. 
Second is an app called Group Configuration.  
This allows you to manage your groups by creating reports that keep the groups up to date. 
Example:  a user has a report of all active managers. The filter is Employee Status is equal to active. This report is assigned to a group. Once a day this report will update and will not include employees that move to terminated status. This app will log the additions and deletions and make sure the group is updated on a daily basis.
Josh Miller would like to these by  some folks to see if it resonates and if so, what improvements can he can make before deploying to the exchange.
If you are interested in checking out what Josh is cooking up, please book a 30 minute meeting with him here.

Esther LaVielle

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