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21 days ago

Tell us about your Realm Set up!

Hello Realm Admin Qrew!

I have a question for you to answer:

How many realm admins do your organization have? Do you share roles and responsibilities?

Example: I have two realm admins (including myself). We share some responsibilities, but would like to give access to everything to my second realm admin. Is that possible? What are the drawbacks I need to be aware of?

Let's start a discussion and share your thoughts below!

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  • We have 3 realm admins, but the other two are literally "in case I get hit by a bus".  They don't do anything or probably even know they have access.

    My Service Desk team has admin access to remove account access, but all other requests come to me.

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    Qrew Assistant Captain

    We have 3 realm admins (my regular work account, my service user, and my boss because he's the one with the authority to sign contracts). I handle everything though, since it's my job.