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3 days ago

Welcome to the Women's Qrew! Tell us about yourself.

We would love to learn more about our members! Tell us a little bit about you.

  1. What is your name?
  2. What company are you with?
  3. What is your role there?
  4. What brought you to the Qrew board, specifically the Women's Qrew?
  5. What is one thing you are most looking forward to this summer?

Feel free to include any other fun facts about yourself :) 

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  • About me...

    1. What is your name? Laura Thacker
    2. What company are you with? IDS (Intelligent Database Solutions, LLC)
    3. What is your role there? Solution Architect / Consultant.  I work with Quickbase customers around the world to build, manage and enhance their Applications
    4. What brought you to the Qrew board, specifically the Women's Qrew? The Community's Ben Simon
    5. What is one thing you are most looking forward to this summer? Spending time with my grandchildren

    I have been consulting on Quickbase for 14 years.  I started as a user.... like most of us... and love helping clients leverage the Quickbase platform to elevate their business processes and improve their profitability.

    Fun facts: I waited on a Prime Minister's private dinner; I was part of the team that won the first ever App-A-Thon; I have been to every in-person EMPOWER event hosted by Quickbase (I miss them!).

  • 🌟 Meet Nichole Braswell from Sympo! 🌟

    👩‍💻 Name: Nichole Braswell

    🏢 Company: Sympo (#SympoSquad, #InnovateWithSympo, #SympoCulture)

    🔧 Role: I develop and present Quickbase applications, specializing in innovative solutions such as a currency conversion calculator for multinational companies. (#QuickbaseFamily, #EmpowerWithQuickbase, #QuickbaseExperts)

    🌐 Why the Qrew board, especially the Women's Qrew? I'm passionate about fostering a supportive network for women in technology. Mentorship and collaboration are powerful tools for both professional and personal growth. Also, I blame ben_simon 😄

    ☀️ Summer anticipation: I'm most excited to spend quality time by our new pool with my kids, watching them swim and enjoy their summer break. It's our first pool, and it's quickly becoming our favorite family spot!

    ğŸŽ­ Fun facts: Outside of work, I live on a farm with my family. As a mother of four, life on the farm is always busy and fulfilling. We love the tranquility of the countryside and the unique opportunities of farm life. Additionally, I'm involved in community theatre at the Neuse Little Theatre in Smithfield, NC. Balancing career, family, and theatre keeps life exciting and enjoyable.


    1. What is your name?  Amanda Thomas
    2. What company are you with? Morse Steel - We're a small steel service center and reinforcing supplier. Our Reinforcing division uses QuickBase for bid management, project management, and field tracking and management.
    3. What is your role there? I wear many hats, primarily IT Manager. I administer 2 ERPs plus QuickBase and a bunch of other systems. I am also our Business Systems Analyst and work with our users to make sure that our systems are working efficiently for them and to make sure that our users are using our systems properly.
    4. What brought you to the Qrew board, specifically the Women's Qrew? Ben invited me 😄 But also I love the opportunity to connect with other women in process improvement / IT roles.
    5. What is one thing you are most looking forward to this summer? Going for some short hikes to practice my watercolor paining in the forest. 
    1. What is your name? Nina Combs
    2. What company are you with? Quickbase
    3. What is your role there? Senior Project Manager and the Marketing & Communications Chair for our Women's Leadership Group :) 
    4. What brought you to the Qrew board, specifically the Women's Qrew? To connect with other women in the Quickbase community and see how this group makes an aimpact
    5. What is one thing you are most looking forward to this summer? Playing with my nieces while they are out of school 
  • Hi everyone!

    1. My name is Tanya
    2. I'm another Quickbase employee and excited to be here!
    3. I am the VP of Growth & Digital Marketing. My team helps generate new interest in Quickbase and manages the digital experience around the website and trial.
    4. As a Quickbase employee, I love hearing directly from our customers and others in the industry and I'm particularly excited to hear from our amazing female builders.
    5. In the summer I love to spend time by the beach.
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    1. The name is Brittni
    2. QuickBase
    3. Sales Development
    4. I am a woman and love to see women empowered.
    5. The thing I am looking forward to the most this summer is a beverage by the water

    Fun Fact: I have a Scottish Terrier, Crumpet, who is on almost every zoom call I have, you just can't always see him. If we ever zoom be sure to tell him hello!


    1. My name is Tori!
    2. I work for Quickbase out of our Boston, MA HQ. 
    3. My day job is a Sales Manager on our Commercial New Business team, where I manage a team of 7 sellers that work to onboard new customers to our platform. However, I also am a Co-Chair of one of our Employee Resource Groups, the Women's Leadership Group, which allows me to take part in exciting new ventures such as this Qrew Group. 
    4. The Women's Leadership Group, in tandem with our Qrew team, wanted to highlight all of the amazing female builders and the great work they do on a daily basis with our tool, as well as create an environment where they can be authentically themselves and discuss topics/issues relevant to their identity as a woman.
    5. As subpar as the Red Sox are right now, Fenway is one of my favorite places on Earth, so I'm really looking forward to catching some games this summer with a cold Sam Summer in hand. 
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    Community Manager

    What's up Women's Qrew! 

    • I'm Ben! 
    • I work at Quickbase (you've probably heard of it)
    • I have the pleasure of managing The Quickbase Qrew as Community Engagement Manager.
    • I'm here because of all the amazing women I've had a chance to see crushing it in this community, can't wait to see this all come together. As a father of two daughters, I hope they have support groups like this in their future careers! 
    • I've got a July trip up to Cape Cod to see my parents and celebrate my 40th!

    Can't wait for the first meetup!