Joe Acunzo (SoftTechExperts)

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Quick Base Solution Provider (QSP) with over 40 years of experience.  Author of SendToQuickBase to save emails and more into Quick Base, and other QuickBase add-ons.

SoftTechExperts, LLC - Trusted by clients ranging from Sprint, HP, and FedEx to thousands of small businesses, SoftTechExperts is one of the world's premier providers of Quick Base add-ons and integrations. Marketers, sales people, customer support reps, and project managers rely on our flagship product, SendToQuickBase, to improve workflow and be more productive. Save emails to Quick Base from any program and device, as well as Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks, and more. SoftTechExperts also provides custom services to help clients connect Quick Base apps with other platforms both cloud-based and in-house.