Chargeback management for Quick Base has arrived

By Brian Cafferelli posted 01-24-2020 15:59


Chargeback management for Quick Base has arrived


Do you split the bill for your Quick Base subscription among multiple departments or business units? If so, governing your account is about to get easier. Many of the large enterprises using Quick Base charge portions of their Quick Base bill back to the various groups within their company. Chargeback management is the practice of tracking your account usage and using that to determine how much to charge each group using your Quick Base account. You can calculate this breakdown by number of apps, number of users, or using some other metric. It’s up to you!

You can now establish a single source of truth for managing your chargebacks using Quick Base Sync. Specifically, you can pull data about your account’s users, apps, and user access using our new Admin Console sync channel. You can use that sync channel to create your own custom account management application, allowing you to manage your chargebacks in an easier and more transparent manner.


Getting started managing chargebacks in Quick Base

While you’ll figure out the details of how to manage your chargebacks based on your company’s needs, you can get started quickly by creating a few core tables and relationships. First, create a new application to manage your chargebacks. You can also use this app to monitor other aspects of your account usage (for more information, see Easier Account Management using QB Sync). The dashboard below shows an example of what your app could look like, breaking down the number of users per department:


Next, you’ll want to create three connected tables: one for Users, one for Apps, and one for User Access. Note that, to protect the security of your account, only realm administrators can create these tables.

To manage chargebacks by department, you can then add two additional tables:

  • a Departments table, to see account usage rolled up by department, and
  • a Monthly Usage table, to see the level of each department’s usage in a given month


Adding those tables would give you an app diagram like this:
The tables circled in green are the connected tables. The tables circled in blue are standard tables.


Finally, you can schedule an automation to run once a month, to snapshot the user counts by department. The automation should copy each department’s record to the monthly usage table:
You’ll then be able to compare the monthly usage data with the total monthly fee from the Admin Console to calculate how much to charge each department.

NOTE: Of course, you can use the above method if you pay for Quick Base quarterly or annually as well. To do so, simply adjust the schedule for the automation as appropriate, and re-name your “Monthly Usage” table to “Quarterly Usage” or “Annual Usage”.


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