So You Want to Learn Pipelines!

By Bree Mackey posted 07-22-2020 15:55


Where do you start?!? Have no fear, the Quick Base team is here for you. We’re working hard to get you the resources you need to get started with Pipelines. Read on for all the places you can currently find them!


The App Exchange 

Our recommendation is that you utilize your Builder account for your Pipelines training. This way you’re learning in a controlled environment and not cluttering your company realm with training applications. If you don’t have one, what are you waiting for?? They’re free!! 

You may not have noticed, but we’ve added a new category to the App Exchange. Can you guess what it is?? You’ve got it, it’s Pipelines. If you click on this category, you’ll find some sample applications from the Quick Base team. The Pipelines Demo alone covers FIVE different Pipelines/use-cases! 

Pipelines Demo – Bree Mackey 

Pipelines: Brady Oil Safety Compliance – Nathan Underwood 

Empower 2020 – Pipelines Copy Templates – Leanne Snoeck 

Pipelines – Create Unique Parents – Bree Mackey 

Pipelines – Jinja JSON Object Import – Bree Mackey 

Pipelines – SharePoint Lists – Bree Mackey 

Pipelines – Capture Box URLs – Bree Mackey 

Pipelines – Create X Children – Bree Mackey 

Most of these apps include step-by-step instructions on how to build the Pipeline, as well as the YAML and instructions on how to import the YAML if you’re the type to dive right in.  


Quick Base University 

If you haven’t checked in on Quick Base University in a bit, there’re lots of new things to learn, not to mention a shiny new Pipelines course. 


Quick Base Blog 

Since you’re already here, you obviously know about the Quick Base Blog. Our expert builders are loving the chance to get you more information about Pipelines, check out these posts! 

Pipelines and Object Linking 

Speed up your sales process using the Salesforce Pipelines channel 

How to use Pipelines to email a report at a specific time of day 

Importing Pipeline YAML 

How to Use the Bucket Channel to Schedule an Archive to Box 

Generate template records with Pipelines 

Build better trend reports with Pipelines 

Streamline your Procurement Process using the Formstack Channel 


Empower Presentations 

Empower 2020 was a new world for all of us. Our amazing events team was able to convert us to a virtual event that honestly, I thought was pretty amazing. Best of all, I think the session recordings were their best ever this year! Below you’ll find some quick hits, as well as regular sessions for all your Pipelines needs from the Quick Base YouTube Channel 

Basic Pipelines Navigation and Anatomy 

Authenticating Pipelines to Quick Base 

Building Your First Pipeline, Part 1 

Building Your First Pipeline, Part 2 

Integrating Your Ecosystem with Pipelines 

Creating a Distributed Ecosystem with Pipelines 

Pipelines: Admin Enablement 

Trending Quick Base Data with Pipelines and the RESTful API 

Export a CSV from Quick Base to Box 

Extend Quick Base Workflows to Your On-Premise Data 


Quick Base Help 
The Quick Base team is working on updating the online help you know and love. Check out the Pipelines section!



08-20-2020 14:17

What would be really great is if the Help documentation for Pipelines was a bit more robust. All of these resources are great, but they do not replace essential Help documentation as provided by the product owner. The current documentation - as of 8/20/2020 - is exceptionally thin and assumes users have an innate knowledge of the product already AND that they are fully versed in Jinja.

Stop using other resources as a crutch and develop your own documentation.