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Sharing Data Across Quickbase Apps: Part 1 Cross App Relationships, Table to Table Imports, and Sync

By Evan Martinez posted 08-28-2019 13:49




03-29-2019 20:06

:) every time they give us a new tool we find more ways around our obstacles.

03-29-2019 19:39

Actually, I only need the sandbox to release a big update all at once. Sync only blocks use of the sandbox in the app that the connected table is in. So if I had an app that was only used for the sync and the import, what you suggested might work.

03-29-2019 18:52

Depending on how you are moving the data over and keeping it up to date at times Automations or Actions can be used to move the data without pulling the applications together. It is correct that a saved Table to Table Import will draw the two apps together. Due to the nature of Sync it does not line up with the Sandbox function currently. 

03-29-2019 18:47

.. I was going to suggest the Sync and then table to table import from the Sync, but I gather from your post that that blocks use of the sandbox. I was not aware of that.

03-29-2019 18:16

That sucks, big time.

So, if I wanted information in one app to be merged into another daily, I would have to do so without a native solution in order to not have apps that share resources.

My only option is to create an API integration that will do it for me, and depending on the complexity, I may have to maintain it every time a field is added or deleted. (Assuming the app doesn't check the schema for me)

Unless I want to use Quick Base Sync. Which eliminates my ability to use the Developer Sandbox.

03-29-2019 17:56

Current the very existence of a saved table to table import causes the two apps to have the share the same resource.

03-29-2019 17:54


In the Table to Table Imports Cons list, it's mentioned that:
App dependency results in shared system resources (CPU)
Does this mean that the two applications are always sharing resources?
I would expect for resource sharing to only happen while an import is happening.

Thanks in advance!