What's New

  • Preparing for Automations End of Support in June 2022

    Listening to feedback from our community we have made changes to our plan for Automations retirement. The next step in retiring Automations will come in June 2022, when the feature will reach End of Support. 
  • Taking Your Apps To The Next Level With Formula Queries

    Do you need to write formulas that include data from other records, or even other tables? Our new formula queries feature allows you to do just that, with no relationships needed! Join us  Thursday, December 16, 2021 to learn about how you can unlock the power of Formula Queries.
  • Release Review Webinar December 8th at 1 PM ET

    Join Manny and Matt from our CS team as they demonstrate how to take advantage of the newest Notifications enhancement, the new Timeline report, the new customer feedback workflow, and more!
  • New Rich Text Enhancements Come to Notifications

    Starting Tuesday, 11/16, we've added a rich text toolbar to the notification builder page, making it easier for everyone to create custom notifications.
  • Performance improvements coming to the New Table Report Style

    Brian from our Product Marketing team joins us to explain what UI Virtualization is and what it means for the future of performance on our New Table Reports.
  • Changes coming to Quickbase Feedback

    This October, Quickbase will be changing the system we use to collect feedback for the Quickbase platform from our customers. Learn more about how we are planning these changes below and let us know your questions. 
  • Unlocking Data in On Premises Systems with Pipelines

    Join us Sept 28th to discover how On-Premises Connectivity Pipelines can directly connect the data in your locally managed SQL databases, endpoints, and applications with the QB apps and other Cloud Services that help you get work done. 
  • New Dashboards AMA Today!

     We had so many questions on our recent New Dashboards webinar we weren't able to answer them all. So Ryan Murray - the Product Manager for New Dashboards- will be hosting a Community Slack AMA today, August 31st from 12-2 PM ET in the #quickbase-ama room
  • August 2021 Release Notes

    Scheduled for 8/15/21 our August Release is bringing enhancements to Pipelines, Dashboards, and Kanban reports along with a new beta opportunity for our Lucidchart Integration. Read up on these changes and more in our release notes.
  • What’s new at Quickbase University?

    We now offer an introductory course on our new Dashboard feature. If you have not attended that training, we hope to see you this month. You can register for it, along with many other live courses on University. 
  • Why Rockwell Automation Leans on No-Code to Maximize SAP

    Join us on 07/27/2021 at 1:00 PM EDT for a webinar with, Andy Kumrai, Senior Business Systems Analyst at Rockwell Automation, and Ashley Banning, Quickbase Solutions Consultant, as they explore how Rockwell Automation paired SAP with Quickbase, a no-code application development platform, to enhance processes across their organization.
  • July Release Notes Live

    Scheduled for 7/18/21 our July Release is bringing a new My Pipelines Page with some long awaited enhancements, an update to our Pipelines Migration tool, and a number of other exciting changes. You can learn more about these changes in our July Release Notes
  • The Future of Automation Workflow with Quickbase webinar

    Join us on Thursday, July 8th at 1 PM EDT to learn how you can ensure that your workflow automations continue to run without interruption as we begin the first step of our plan to phase out the Quickbase Automations feature.

    Whether you want to know how our brand-new migration tool can convert an existing Automation into a Pipeline with a few simple clicks, or you’re just interested in best practices, join us to find out everything you need to know about the future of workflow automation and integration at Quickbase.

  • Empower On Demand

    If you missed Empower 2021 – we’ve got you covered! Catch up on over 70 breakout sessions covering product how-tos, best practice, new features and more!