What's New

  • Approachable Connections Webinar - December 8th

    Quickbase connectors unlock greater insight without spending your valuable time tracking down and compiling data from disconnected systems. In this webinar, see how we empower business teams to close the information gaps in complex projects with the power of our connectors.

  • Approachable Performance - Part 1 of the Approachable Governance in the Enterprise series

    Join us on Oct 13th at 1 PM ET to learn several quick tasks you can run through each month that help ensure your most business-critical Quickbase apps continue to optimally perform, even as they grow.
  • Release Review: July & August 2022 - August 17

    Customer Success Managers Manny De La Cruz and Matthew Brisch dive in and demo the latest releases for July and August. Get those questions ready – Matthew, Manny and members of our Product Team will be taking Q&A throughout. 
  • Fundamentals Training -August 2nd - 4th

    New to app building or looking to broaden your skills in Quickbase? Don’t miss our free fundamentals training where you can learn to apply best practices to effectively plan, model, and build your Quickbase apps. 
  • Intro to Formulas - July 25th - 2022

    Learn why and when to use formulas, the basics of formulas (functions, operators, and syntax), and a workshop packed with intro formula writing.
  • Intro to Pipelines - July 15th 1:30 PM ET - 3:00 PM ET

    Are you new to automating workflows and creating integrations?  Do you want to schedule the creation of tasks / action items? In this session we will explore how to use pipelines to enhance the capabilities of your Quickbase apps.
  • Preparing for Automations End of Support in June 2022

    Listening to feedback from our community we have made changes to our plan for Automations retirement. The next step in retiring Automations will come in June 2022, when the feature will reach End of Support. 
  • Taking Your Apps To The Next Level With Formula Queries

    Do you need to write formulas that include data from other records, or even other tables? Our new formula queries feature allows you to do just that, with no relationships needed! Join us  Thursday, December 16, 2021 to learn about how you can unlock the power of Formula Queries.