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Deny users bulk access to records

  • 1.  Deny users bulk access to records

    Posted 01-10-2022 17:28
    I have a requirement to prevent users from accessing records in bulk. The user must lookup the record by an identifier they receive from another system. This is required due to an obligation to purge the Personally Identifiable information contained in those records from all of our systems once the person associated with the record has terminated service. Our plan is to use quickbase to store the Personally Identifiable information that could be looked up using an identifier. All other systems would only store the identifier where if a user needed the Personally Identifiable Information they would use the identifier to look it up in quickbase. To do this I added a search widget to the default dashboard restricting it to exact match. I also hid all tables, reports, customize report options and modified the default "All Items" report to return no results. The issue I'm having is hiding these features does not deny those features. By copying shortcuts to these features then testing under the "Viewer" role I'm still able to paste the url to one of the hidden features and am able to create my own custom report. This allows me to customize a report to view all the records in my table in bulk. Is there anyway to lock my application down to deny bulk access to the records in a table. I need to lock all users of the "Viewer" role down to only having access to the search widget I added to the dashboard and the form the single result is viewed in. All other attempts by the user to access the table contents whether by creating a custom report or by other means where it is possible for them to discover a record they do not have the identifier for or where they could retrieve multiple records for simultaneously must be denied.

    Any help would be greatly appriciated.