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Webhooks message body format

  • 1.  Webhooks message body format

    Posted 04-07-2020 22:40
    I'm trying to make Webhooks call into another system and have a question on how to construct the message body section.  I'm using a JSON message format.

    The message body needs three parameters.  I've tried entering the  parameters like this:
    but the error is {"ERROR":"IMPROPER DATA"}

    Also tried this:
    also error'ed with {"ERROR":"IMPROPER DATA"}


  • 2.  RE: Webhooks message body format

    Posted 04-08-2020 10:24
    Edited by Austin K 04-08-2020 10:25
    What system are you trying to send thew webhook to? They very likely offer some kind of documentation about what they expect to see in a webhook. Since it isn't Quick Base you are sending to I cannot give you a full answer other than you need to at least format it like JSON. You are going to need more than just the options you want to send most likely, but again this will be in the documentation of whatever you are sending this to.

    The error message it gave you is a hint to how to format this.

    This is simple JSON and might work.

    "param1": [Field you want to send data from],
    "param2": "Jim",
    "param3": "csv"

  • 3.  RE: Webhooks message body format

    Posted 04-09-2020 20:07
    I am wondering if you figured this out? I have been trying to make a Webhook for 2 days using Pipelines. I get the same errors you do. I have gone through all the documentation, formatted the headers, have the access token, etc.. but still error regarding authorization. I am certain it has something to do with the format of the request that is being sent from Pipelines but I cannot figure out how to see what the final request being sent looks like - 

    any further discoveries you make would be extremely helpful - thank you

    Ryan Shook

  • 4.  RE: Webhooks message body format

    Posted 04-09-2020 20:59
    I was not able to get the ....... ?a=SendSubscription&ID=1 type format to work as a webhook.  I doubt it will work as its not a valid API and probably is failing on Authorization.  I will have an opportunity to ask some one at Quick Base next week, just in case someone has an idea.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
    Your Quick Base Coach

  • 5.  RE: Webhooks message body format

    Posted 04-10-2020 09:11
    If you want to know what the final request looks like then point your webhook at something like Postman, Postbin, or RequestBin. I just used RequestBin recently and it worked fine as an endpoint for me.

  • 6.  RE: Webhooks message body format

    Posted 04-10-2020 10:34
    Still having problems getting the Authorization to work using Webhooks.  I'm using Postman to make sure I have the requests set up right and then entering the same configuration in Webhooks.  I have been successful with a GET ORDERS request (at least I'm not seeing an error displayed in the Webhooks error history).

    My end goal is to use the RollMasters API endpoints to retrieve RollMaster Order data and create or update records  in Quick Base.  I'm hoping that PipeLines can help me accomplish that, but this is my first venture into using Pipelines.  The last data integration from RollMaster into Quick Base was accomplished by a programmer using JavaScript and Amazon Web Services that used a stateful cloud function to push the RM data to QB on an hourly basis using RM and QB APIs to keep QB synchronized with RM.  It was an expensive project and costly to maintain and enhance, but I am surprised at what AWS offers for free or low cost when the transaction volumes are low. 

    Jim Lieder