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  • 1.  Duplicate user

    Posted 02-24-2022 15:21
    In my USERS list, it shows 2 identical users...I'm concerned about deleting one of them.  Should I be?


  • 2.  RE: Duplicate user

    Posted 02-24-2022 16:14
    I have encountered the same issue in my apps.  As long as they both have the same role they will never notice that the duplicate was deleted.  If the roles are different and you delete one, they will still have access, but only based on the role that was not deleted.

    Paul Peterson

  • 3.  RE: Duplicate user

    Posted 02-25-2022 10:02
    Hi BuildPro,

    Just wanted to echo what Paul said, if when you look at the user they have the same email and they are in the same role you shouldn't run into any issues removing the user. It is possible for a user to be invited into a QB app multiple times because some workflows take advantage of the fact that a user could be in many roles, for example both a Sales Rep and a Manager role that would help dictate what forms they saw and what fields they had access to, this does mean from time to time users get added twice in the same role. Cleaning up the user as long as their permissions aren't different in the two instances shouldn't change their experience, I would just make sure besides the names being the same the email is as well in the entries.

    Evan Martinez