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RIch text desktop vs mobile

  • 1.  RIch text desktop vs mobile

    Posted 01-14-2022 16:39
    Edited by Mike Tamoush 01-14-2022 17:12
    Does anyone know why this doesnt display correctly on mobile? It works on desktop. On mobile, it shows the score and audit date, then stops. If i comment out the audit date line, then it shows score and domicile, then stops. Shows nothing else. It will only show one line after score.

    "<b>TO: field will include:<br></b>" & [UP Default To Email List Ver 1] &
    "<br><br><b>CC: field will include:<br></b>" & [CC Email List] &
    "<br><br><b>Score:</b> " & [Score Formula] &
    "<br><b>Audit Date:</b> " & [Audit Date] & //nothing displays after this. If I comment out this line, then the next line displays
    "<br><b>Domicile:</b> " & [Domicile - City and State] &
    "<br><b>Location:</b> " & [Location - Name] &
    "<br><b>Auditor:</b> " & [Employee - Preferred Name] &
    "<br><b>Vendor:</b> " & [Active Vendor Snapshot] &
    "<br><b>Driver:</b> " & [Driver's Name:]

    Near as I can tell there is a max number of lines it will show on mobile? If i add any lines up top, less and less shows from the bottom entries, and vice versa.

    Mike Tamoush