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Modify Existing Summary Reports

  • 1.  Modify Existing Summary Reports

    Posted 09-11-2019 15:47
    A new user of QuickBase, trying to figure out very basics:
    How'd you modify an existing summary report? Can't seem to figure out how to add or delete fields in an existing summary report, how to look up/pick available fields in the underlying table. 

    Muhammad Ghazali

  • 2.  RE: Modify Existing Summary Reports

    Posted 09-11-2019 17:37
    Do you see Customize this Report on the top right? If not, you may not have the rights to modify reports. 

    Under Roles, then User Interface, there is a checkbox that you may need to uncheck. Contact your account admin if you do not have access to change the app. 
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    Everett Patterson