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add more data to a form question

  • 1.  add more data to a form question

    Posted 07-20-2018 14:44
    We bid work to General Contractors. In our bid tracking table I have linked to our company table to do lookups on companies we bid to.
    What I'd like to do is have a 'bid to' field where I can select a company and it imports any needed info. Then, if bidding to more than one company, I need a button that says 'add more' and gives another row of the above company import. and again and again depending on how many GC's we bid to. Any advice how to do that?

  • 2.  RE: add more data to a form question

    Posted 07-20-2018 15:11
    It sounds like you need a many to many relationship setup so you will need to add a table called General Contractor Bid Assignments.

    One Bid has many General Contractor Bid Assignments
    One General Contractor has many General Contractor Bid Assignments.

    That will work and it has the advantage of not being limited to how many Generals can Bid a job.  But the disadvantage is that it is more difficult to float up say the bidders to the Parent Bid record to be able to cleanly show them on a report.  You will only be able to see them easily on the form.

    If you know, in practice that  you would never ave more than 3 Generals bidding, then I suggest that the brute force method may be better and you would create two more relationships just like the first one and have General 1, General 2 and General Contractor 3 on the Parent bid record.