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Summary fields , and override option .

  • 1.  Summary fields , and override option .

    Posted 04-12-2018 14:03
    I have two tables whit the flowing relationship; 

     "to create week reports"    <   "Time cards" 

    One record in "to create week reports " to many  records in "time cards"

    It works perfectly, even the summary fields from the time cards.

    But now comes the problem;

    My company have different disciplines and I created Users filtering records in "time cards" tables base on this field "discipline"

    The user has full access to the Table "to create week reports"

    In the table "To create week reports" it have some summary fields , I want the users have access to this data in the table "to create week reports" but not to the field used to calculate this summary field.

    I have been using the override option but I do no see any change ;

    My users only see the summary field from their time cards , (the out come is the same if I select override that if i do not).

    I want to explain you why I do need this override option.

    There are reports about the company evolution they are the KPI in the company and they need to be know for everybody , if you see in the report they are in different disciplines one one of them is HVAC, only the people from each discipline should have access to their time cards , in the time cards there is a lot of information and they do no need to be know from other disciplines, we do not want one discipline gossip in the detailed information of time cards from other discipline (things like salaries, categories, ....), is for this I need to have the possibility to show the summary fields without grant access to all sub-fields.

    But my user only see this ;

    Probably there is a workaround I am not able to see.

    Any Idea ??


  • 2.  RE: Summary fields , and override option .

    Posted 04-13-2018 13:20
    Hi Esther,

    This is not an unusual confusion that builders run into when working with a formula field and information being summarized up or passed down from another table. That checkbox only removes restrictions on the field level. So for example if my formula includes a field called Manager Markup and that field is normally hidden for every role but the Manager role checking that checkbox would allow me to include it in the formula so that my other roles could see the output without seeing the field. Unfortunately, if I also restricted them from seeing every record they would still see nothing, since even though they have permissions to see that single field they don't have permission to see any of the records, so to them that field is blank as there are no records visible (or it might be wrong/different if they can see some records but not all). There are a few options in this instance. You can adjust your permissions so that role is able to see all records, but is restricted so they aren't able to see any of the fields but the ones you need in the formula. Alternatively, you can also possibly host just the information you need in another table that is outside of the data you want to protect via an Action or Sync. This process just requires a bit more complex a build. This is a result of Quick Base permissions hearing that you don't want that role to see any records and choosing to listen to that restriction. I hope this information is helpful Esther. 

  • 3.  RE: Summary fields , and override option .

    Posted 04-13-2018 13:32
    Thank you very much Evan, 

    This paragraph is very explicit.

    If I connect the data to a new table, does it detect the permissions of users in the table where the data come from?. Let\s say,  can I allow everybody to see the data in this new table even if the data comes from a restricted table?.

  • 4.  RE: Summary fields , and override option .

    Posted 04-13-2018 18:44
    Hi Esther,

    If the records on that table are only populated to have the Record ID of the original record and the value in the field you want to bring over either through an Action, Webhook, or Sync you can set up that tables permissions differently so they aren't restricted like the source. You would need to have those permissions set up for the new table in my suggestion.