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30 day trial ended ahead of time

  • 1.  30 day trial ended ahead of time

    Posted 03-28-2018 17:28
    On Feb 24, 2018, I started my QuickBase trial.  My understanding was that this trial was for 30 days.  During my trial period, someone named Colin Milton tried to contact me to ask questions about how my trial was going.  Unfortunately, he started calling me when I had come down with the flu, so I wasn't able to get in touch with him right away.  I responded to his email with appropriate times to get a hold of me during the day (my job doesn't allow me to take phone calls except over lunch and after work).  I received no response from my emails, and he wasn't at his desk when I called over my lunch.  On March 20, 2018, I received an email from him saying that my trial would be cancelled if I didn't get back to him within 2 days.  I responded to him that same day saying that I would like to continue my trial as I was working on a solution that would determine whether or not QuickBase was appropriate for my projects.  After sending this response to him, I tried to log into my account and discovered that it had been cancelled (the specific message said that my trial had ended 9 days ago - it had been a few days since I'd been able to work on it, but I'm fairly certain that it hadn't been more than a week).  I emailed Colin again, expressing my confusion.  Since then, I've emailed him twice and tried calling him over my lunch once more (I don't leave voicemails as I don't enjoy playing phone tag).  I've received no calls or emails from him since the email on March 20th.

    I'm quite frustrated at the lack of professionalism demonstrated here.  I would appreciate it if my trial could be reactivated for, at the very least, the remaining time that I should've had.  By my count, I had an active trial for 20 days out of an expected 30.  Also, I'd appreciate if someone wants to discuss my trial and how I'm doing with QuickBase, that it actually be someone who can communicate and demonstrate some degree of professionalism, and not the person who was previously trying to contact me.  Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

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    Posted 03-28-2018 17:47
    This is a user to user self help forum so no one here can directly help you.

    I suggest that you copy and paste this issue into a support ticket (top right the ? Question mark and "Manage Cases".

    Ask for someone in sales to call you back or communicate by email with you.  When contacted via that channel they will be responsive.


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    Posted 03-28-2018 20:21
    Thank you.  I wasn't sure where to put this and there wasn't a way that I could find to contact anyone directly to help me.  Someone has contacted me.  Thank you for your help.

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    Posted 03-28-2018 20:39
    Hi Dee-Anne,

    We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience on starting out your trial. I am glad to hear our trial team was able to reconnect with you to help resolve that issue. Thank you so much for your time and patience Dee-Anne and we hope we can show you the ways that Quick Base can Empower your team.