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Public App - Guestbook? (and more)

  • 1.  Public App - Guestbook? (and more)

    Posted 10-27-2017 16:26
    We would like to have a public facing App for our customers where they can find links to our current catalog, limited offers, and special products.

    Several questions:

    • Would it be too un-secure to have a single login (e.g. preferredcustomer@_ourdomain.com_) for all customers?  I know there is a "everyone on the internet option," however we would prefer it to be a more exclusive feel.

    • We would like to track who is viewing the app.  Is there an easy way to automatically log this?  Or, could we have them land on a guestbook form where they enter their business name, and automatically hop to the home screen?  Our client base is usually older people, so simplicity is much preferred.

    • _If_ we eventually needed more attachment space (right now we don't think we'll even touch our 50 GB), is the cost for adding space a one-time deal or is it monthly?  If it's monthly, can we request a smaller amount than the 100GB add-on?

    I would appreciate any suggestions on implementing this.  

    Thank you!

  • 2.  RE: Public App - Guestbook? (and more)

    Posted 10-31-2017 03:52
    Setting up an "Open to the Internet" or a "single sign-on" is a good way to help share information with clients. 

    However, you want to make sure that user experience is good for them so they feel confidence in you and your product.  The especially comes into account for mobile users (one area where native QB falls short).

    If you want to 'log' who uses it, I'd suggest that the 'landing page' be a very simple form that they fill out as a passage.  Then once saved it redirects them to the report or dashboard that you want them to see.

    (Using linkaway is helpful here)

    Also sometimes a better user experience is to hide the QB headers, and/or use an <iframe> on your website.

    Keep in mind that users have 100% access to any code pages, or dashboards you have in the app, so you will want to be cautious of things you have in the app and feel comfortable with their 'access'