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Sync Users list accross all apps

  • 1.  Sync Users list accross all apps

    Posted 07-31-2018 15:57
    I have been looking for a way to automatically sync users from one app and add them to a second app we have.  For instance we have a project management app and I want to automatically sync changes to the user list there to our IT help Desk app.  Even if it is just adding users at a set predetermined role in the IT Help Desk app.  I just need to have it give the user access to the app.

  • 2.  RE: Sync Users list accross all apps

    Posted 07-31-2018 15:59
    or potentially share an app with a group.  We have all of our users in one group and this may be a potentially viable solution.

  • 3.  RE: Sync Users list accross all apps

    Posted 07-31-2018 17:31
    Hi John,

    If you have created a group in Quick Base of your users it is possible to invite that group into a specific role in your application instead of needing to manage each individual user's access. This way as users are removed from the group that change cascades to the apps that group is added in. You can do this when adding a user by searching for the name you gave that group in the add a new user dialog box that pops up.


    The help topic goes a little more in depth for what you would do to add a group to an application. We make use of groups here in Quick Base ourselves to help manage application access with different groups for different departments or functional teams. It gives us another tool to help control access and simplify management of users. I hope this information is helpful John.