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How can I time stamp a form with out the date

  • 1.  How can I time stamp a form with out the date

    Posted 01-22-2019 15:24
    I want a field that is just the time and for it to occur like the Now() but with out the date.

  • 2.  RE: How can I time stamp a form with out the date

    Posted 01-22-2019 15:48
    Hi Nate,

    I have done this before using Automations to help capture the value when a record is added. To set it up you create a Time of Day field (In this example called Time) and a formula Time of Day field (That I named Time of Day) that is set up using the formula:
    It strips out just the time component of Now() and has it set up in a field to be captured. Then I created an Automation on my table so that whenever a record is added to this table it will capture the value in the formula Time of Day field and copy it into the manual entry field. I also just add a filter so that the only record edited is the record with the exact same Record ID# as the one that triggered the change. This example just captures the Time a field was created but the Automation itself could be edited to only trigger under certain conditions, for example capture the time when a specific field was edited or even when a specific value was selected using the Automation features. The set up for the basic Automation looks like the image below.

    I hope this is helpful in pointing you in the right direction.