Populate parent table from child summary report (without using 'Copy these records...')

  • 1.  Populate parent table from child summary report (without using 'Copy these records...')

    Posted 10-16-2018 15:37
    I would like to use a summary report from a child table to populate a related parent table with distinct records.  The key on the parent is a concat of two text fields, i.e., [Account]&"!"&[ServiceID].  I can run my summary report and use the "Copy these records to another table" functionality but would like to remove as many manual steps as possible. 

    I found two posts that seem to get me most of the way there (thanks Dan). The first creates the records, the second is the method for running the script from a dashboard button. 

    API_RunImport with Summary table

    How To Create Dashboard Script Buttons?

    I have the button working from a dashboard page.  The data is being copied into the parent table.  The only problem is that for each button push, only 200 records are created.  If I press the button again, 200 more are created, and so on.  The records are distinct (as intended) and as I push the buttons, the 200 records created no longer appear on my summary report (because the report only shows records that have no parent).  So it's all working...I just have to push the button several times. 

    Any idea why only 200 records at a time are being created?  Any suggestions on a different method?