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How to automatically make next task ""available

  • 1.  How to automatically make next task ""available

    Posted 10-20-2017 20:01
    I have multiple tasks for each project. Each task is completed by different people. I can choose the "status" to be start, in progress, and completed. The problem is, every time, not only I need to change the status to "complete", but also need to click the "make available" in next task to let my coworkers to know it is their turn now. Otherwise, the project is stopped. I thought I complete my task while my coworker complained that I didn't "make available" for them to start. 

    Is there a way to automatically change the status of next task "make available" once I change my task status to "completed"? Thanks. 

  • 2.  RE: How to automatically make next task ""available

    Posted 10-20-2017 20:33
    What is the definition of the "Next"task.  Can the tasks be in a relationship to indicate which one is next?

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    Posted 10-20-2017 21:11
    Thank you! 

    I think the tasks were built according to our workflow sequence. We hope to complete them in a certain order. Sometime, we may go back and do some changes, but most time, it's a single direction of workflow. Thanks. 

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    Posted 10-20-2017 22:37
    How are these tasks created? Is this a standard task list with a button to create the tasks?  Or are they created manually?

  • 5.  RE: How to automatically make next task ""available

    Posted 10-21-2017 11:41
    In your question you describe that the [Status] field can have values "start", "in progress", and "completed". However, your screenshot shows the [Status] column with a value "Not Started". It would be helpful towards finding a solution for your exact problem to clarify the exact field names and values you are working with.

    But the essence of you problem is that you need to have a button click in the child Tasks table that results in changing field values in two records which are in some type of natural workflow order. Let me give you a flexible solution that you can adopt to whatever workflow or business logic you have.

    In the demo below, click the  Reset Tasks button to reset the status of all the child Tasks to "Not Started" and when the page reloads click Manage Completed button on any individual Task to mark it "Completed" and mark the next Task "In Progress".

    Let Them Eat Cake ~ View Project #1


    Pastie Database


    (1) All sort of extra business logic could be added to deal with out of sequence Task completion or the hiding of buttons or their action on individual child Task records.

    (2) I am sure I had more notes but I am rushing to get this up before QuickBase goes down for two hours. I think this maintenance period is for the Cloudflare migration - we shall see. Oops - that is November 4th!

    If you need additional assistance with this task feel free to contact me off-world using the information in my profile: