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Create Push Counter

  • 1.  Create Push Counter

    Posted 11-15-2016 20:46
    Does anyone now how to create a push counter whereby it tracks the number of times a record preparer changes the due date of the task?  So for example, if the task is originally due on 12/15/16, but the preparer changes the due date to 12/31/16 and then separately changes the due date to 1/15/17 the push counter would show a value of 2 (i.e. # of times the due date was changed).

  • 2.  RE: Create Push Counter

    Posted 11-15-2016 23:32
    Use the IOL technique with code similar to this:

    $("input[name=_fid_6]").on("change", function() {
      if ($("input[name=_fid_6]").val() != $("input[name=_fid_oval_6]").val()) {
        $("input[name=_fid_7").val(parseInt($("input[name=_fid_oval_7").val(), 10) + 1);

    fid 6 is the date field and fid 7 is the counter. The code basically monitors the date for changes and when the date is not equal to its old value take the old value of the counter, add one and place this incremented value in the new counter field.

    If you need additional help implementing this please feel free to contact me off-world using the informaition in my profile:


  • 3.  RE: Create Push Counter

    Posted 11-16-2016 12:27
    This can be done natively.

    If the updates are being done on a form  and not in Grid Edit, what I suggest is to create fields called [Push Count] and [Next Push Count]  The first is just a numeric field and the second is a formula field of [Push Count +1]

    Then a form rule that says

    When the record is saved and the [Task Due Date] has changed

    Change [Push Count] to the value in the field [Next Push Count]

    you may need to have the [Next Push Count] field on the form to get that working.  Once its working you can hide that field with a form rule.

  • 4.  RE: Create Push Counter

    Posted 08-25-2017 19:03
    I was just beeped by "Tyler" for a "Like"

    BTW, Tyler, since this was posted 9 months ago we now have Actions.  So this can be done natively without a button push.